List of facilities
Main facilities
NC composition lathe Two
NC lathe Two
General-purpose lathe Two
Machining Four
NC fraise Three
General-purpose fraise Two
Grinder Two
Wire cut Two
Three-dimensional measuring machine Four
Picture measuring instrument One
Facilities are detailed
No Equipment name Main body maker Model Processing range
1 Three-dimensional machining center OKK(Osaka Kiko) VM-5 X900 Y400 Z350
2 Three-dimensional machining center OKK VM-5 X700 Y400 Z350
3 NC fraise (mil) OKK PRM-2V X600 Y170 Z280
4 NC fraise (easily mil 2/3) OKK PRM-2V/3V X800 Y259 Z300
5 General-purpose milling machine ETSUKI MS-V X500 Y150 Z150
6 General-purpose milling machine Shizuoka Machine Tool VHR-G X100 Y150 Z200
7 NC composition lathe MAZAK INTEGREX φ160×400
8 NC composition lathe MAZAK INTEGREX i-100 SMOOTH φ240×500
9 NC lathe MAZAK MATRIX φ240×500
10 NC lathe MAZAK QT SMART φ240×500
11 General-purpose lathe TAKISAWA TSL-550 φ190
12 Lathe Toyokazu industry STROG650 φ230
13 Wire FANUC FAR-A01C X300 Y200 Z180
14 Wire FANUC A-0C X300 Y200 Z180
15 Cylinder abrasion SHIGIYA GPH-30B φ80
16 Grinder OKAMOTO GRAND-X X600 Y300 Z240
17 Grinder OKK PSG63-EN
18 Paper grinder Yodogawa Electric mill YS-1N
19 Band saw ANDO TH400
20 Band saw(Mini) ANDO TA350
21 Shot TELMIC なし
22 Electric discharge Amada Metrecs SH-3D
23 Drill press Yoshida Machine Tool YD2-54
24 Drill press KIRA KRT-420
25 Drill press Hitachi Koki B13RH
26 Radial drill press YOSHIO YMD-915A
27 Forklift Mitsubishi FG14
28 Laser marker SUNX LP-Z
29 Imprinter PRO PEN P3000
30 Three-dimensional measuring machine Mitutoyo CRT-PM544 X540 Y410 Z350
31 Three-dimensional measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M544 X540 Y410 Z350
32 Highly precise height measuring machine Linear height Mitutoyo LH-600E/EG 600
33 Fluorescence X-rays analyzer Spectro xSORT-XHH03
34 Picture measuring instrument KEYENCE IM-6225 X200 Y300 Z50
35 Digital microscope KEYENCE VHX-5000
36 3D solid three dimensions measuring machine Japan Farrow LASER TRACKER It is measurable to 80M
37 5 axis CNC three dimensions measuring machines Mitutoyo crysta-Apex 700*1000*800
38 NC fraise Shizuoka ironsmith VHX-5003
39 Machining center MAZAK VCN530C-A 550*650*1150
40 Machining center MAZAK VCN530C-B 550*650*1150

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