What kind of company is Tel-mic Co., Ltd.

Company idea

We strive to earn the trust and make steady improvements.

Basic policy

Through manufacturing, it continues being socially valuable existence.
I catch the trend of the market precisely and perform the effective management that was ahead of the times.
I do innovative management and aim at society and a certain harmony growth.


Representative message

Tel-mic Co., Ltd was established in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1995.I want to investment on the latest equipment and the office environment and want to take a lead in the field of the metal progressing industry.


starting in in Aoyamacho , Kariya-shi in 1995
established “Tel-mic Co., Ltd.” In 1997.
moved to Ogakiecho, Kariya-City in 2003

Nagoya branch office has started in 2015.
Anjo branch office has started in 2016.
Tokoname branch office has started in 2017

Company profile

・Company Name Tel-mic Co., Ltd.

・President Hidenori Tanaka

・Capital Stock   75 million yen

・Banker Okazaki Shinkin Bank Hitotsugi Branch
Aichi Bank Kariya Branch
Juroku Bank Kariya Branch
Hekinan Shinkin Bank Kariya Branch

・Business contents
A lot of part processing/ Machining/ Wire-cut processing/ Electric discharge machining/ / Grinding/ Milling/ Precision Machining//Heat and Surface treatment

・Main business partner
Related to Automobile, Plane, Amusement equipment, Die& Mold… more than 460 companies.

The headquarters and Branch offices

Kariya Head office / Factory
〒 448-0813
47, Nagata, Ogakiecho, Kariya-shi, Aichi
TEL: 0566-28-7766 FAX: 0566-28-7767

Nagoya Office 〒 456-0002
Denpagakuen Kanayama 1st Building 9F
1-7-5, Kanayama, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
TEL: 052-228-6664 FAX: 052-228-6665

Anjo Office 〒 446-0034
17-18, Minamimachi, Anjo-shi, Aichi
TEL: 0566-71-3337 FAX: 0566-71-3338

Tokoname Branch Office/ Inspection and Shipping Center
〒 479-0837
6, Shinkaicho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi 1-10
TEL: 0569-34-8787 FAX: 0569-34-8788